Juelda 90
Unique Identification Number (NIPT): L61419027M
Legal Form :
Seat(legal entity) : Tiranė
Year of foundation: 18.02.2016
Legal Form changed year:-
Basic Capital (Albanian Lek): 100,000.00
Shares number: -
Object of activity:
Address: KASHAR Rruga Industriale km.2, Tregu Agro-ushqimor Ekma, Nd A2 / Nr.10, Lagjja Kashar
Economic sector:
Administrators: Ilir Gjapi
Supervisory Board Number:
Changes during years:
Date Change made
Mė datė 10.03.2016 ėshtė shtuar administratori Ilir Gjapi dhe ėshtė larguar administratori Eldisa Gjapi.Me datė 10.03.2016 ėshtė shtuar ortaku Ilir Gjapi dhe ėshtė larguar ortaku Eldisa Gjapi.
Ownership type:
Financial Statement :
Accounting Expert:
Accounting Expert Assignment start date Assignment end date
Juelda 90
Juelda 90
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