Last update: Sunday, March 29, 2020
Albanian Ferry Terminal Operator
Unique Identification Number (NIPT): L31817505L
Legal Form : Limited-Liability Company
Seat(legal entity) : Durres
Year of foundation: 2013
Legal Form changed year:-
Basic Capital (Albanian Lek): 100,000.00
Shares number: 1,000
Object of activity: Investment, management, operation, maintenance, technical improvement, adaptation and cruisers Ferry Terminal City (TTD), full use of embarkation and disembarkation, storage and procedural issues. The area in which lies the Durres Port Hiring: dock 8, 9 together with the corresponding squares of ope
Shareholders/Partners/Temporary union for concession:
Shareholders/Partners Participation rate
FRS Chartering Beteiligungsgesellschaft MBH 100
Economic sector: Transport; distribution; postal services
Concessionaire cost (Albanian Lek) (2013):1,316,800.00
Concessionaire Agreement duration (years):10
Ratifications of Concessionaire Agreement:
Awarded Value:
Investment Value:
Announcement Date: -
Held Date:
Winner Announcement Date:
Contracted Value: -
Contract Date: -
Cancellation Reason: -
Concessionaire Agreement/Acts:
Marreveshja koncesionare
Administrators: Christian Baumberger
Supervisory Board Number:
Earnings before taxes(EBT) (Albanian Lek) (2013): -31,360,659.00
Ownership type: Private
Financial Statement : 2013
Accounting Expert:
Accounting Expert Assignment start date Assignment end date
Albanian Ferry Terminal Operator