Unique Identification Number (NIPT): K51625501O
Legal Form : Joint-Stock Company
Seat(legal entity) : Durres
Year of foundation: 2003
Legal Form changed year:-
Basic Capital (Albanian Lek): 597,686,000.00
Shares number: 597,686
Object of activity: Port construction and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the area of Porto Romano, Durres. Also the company would have as object of activity all activities related directly or indirectly to the main activity and all previously approved activities over the years
Shareholders/Partners/Temporary union for concession:
Shareholders/Partners Participation rate
Pirro Bare 99.84
Florenc Gjikuria 0.06
Economic sector: Public constructions; works of art; bridges, highways etc.
Concessionaire cost (Albanian Lek) (2013):
Concessionaire Agreement duration (years):30
Ratifications of Concessionaire Agreement: Click here
Awarded Value:
Investment Value:
Announcement Date: -
Held Date:
Winner Announcement Date:
Contracted Value: -
Contract Date: -
Cancellation Reason: -
Concessionaire Agreement/Acts:
Marreveshje koncesionare
Ndryshim marreveshje
Ndryshim marreveshje
Administrators: Pirro Bare
Supervisory Board Number: 3
Earnings before taxes(EBT) (Albanian Lek) (2012): 199,532,183.00
Earnings before taxes(EBT) (Albanian Lek) (2013): 190,095,190.00
Ownership type: Private
Financial Statement : 2013 2012
Accounting Expert:
Accounting Expert Assignment start date Assignment end date
Teit Gjini 01/03/2006
Teit Gjini 01/03/2006
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