Ujesjelles Selenice sh.a.
Last update made on: 27-02-2016
Unique Identification Number (NIPT): K47127201C
Legal Form : Joint-Stock Company
Seat(legal entity) : Vlore
Year of foundation: 2004
Legal Form changed year:-
Basic Capital (Albanian Lek): 17,396,000.00
Shares number: 17,396
Budget Institution as shareholder: Bashkia Selenicė
Economic sector: Services,Water supply and sanitation services; cleaning & environment services; energy distribution- translations-notary- advocacy-dormitories- charity service
Administrators: Gazmir Beqaj
Supervisory Board Number: 3
Annual turnover (ALL) 2014 : 5,022,315.00
Annual turnover (ALL) 2015 : 0.00
Earnings before taxes(EBT) (Albanian Lek) (2012): -2,019,489.00
Earnings before taxes(EBT) (Albanian Lek) (2013): -1,763,372.00
Earnings before taxes(EBT) (Albanian Lek) (2014): -4,559,487.00
Ownership type: Public
Financial Statement :
Accounting Expert:
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Ujesjelles Selenice sh.a.