Last update: Sunday, March 29, 2020
Unique Identification Number (NIPT): K02727230T
Legal Form : Joint-Stock Company
Seat(legal entity) : Elbasan
Year of foundation: 1998
Legal Form changed year:2008
Basic Capital (Albanian Lek): 6,864,800,000.00
Shares number: 6,864,800
Object of activity: Manufacturing, trade of construction steels and other iron profiles, import and export wholesale and retail of various industrial goods, food, confection, appliances, fuel and lubricant, auxiliary raw materials for steel industry of all other minerals . Transport of goods within and outside the country
Shareholders/Partners/Temporary union for concession:
Shareholders/Partners Participation rate
Hasmet Kurum 100
Economic sector: Trading, warehouse, packaging
Concessionaire cost (Albanian Lek) (2013):
Concessionaire Agreement duration (years):30
Ratifications of Concessionaire Agreement:
Awarded Value:
Investment Value:
Announcement Date: -
Held Date:
Winner Announcement Date:
Contracted Value: -
Contract Date: -
Cancellation Reason: -
Concessionaire Agreement/Acts:
Marreveshja koncesionare
Administrators: Yusuf Sezai Kurum
Supervisory Board Number: 3
Earnings before taxes(EBT) (Albanian Lek) (2012): 505,195,332.00
Earnings before taxes(EBT) (Albanian Lek) (2013): 2,937,306,560.00
Earnings before taxes(EBT) (Albanian Lek) (2014): 307,911,570.00
Ownership type: Private
Financial Statement :
Accounting Expert:
Accounting Expert Assignment start date Assignment end date
Agim Qenani 03/05/2012
Teit Gjini 03/05/2012
ATK Auditing 20/01/2010 29/05/2012
Andon Kristo 04/07/2002 20/01/2010