Dhenie me koncesion te hidrocentralit “Katundi i Ri”
Unique Identification Number (NIPT): 23-05-2016
Legal Form :
Seat(legal entity) :
Year of foundation:
Legal Form changed year:-
Basic Capital (Albanian Lek):
Shares number: -
Object of activity: Hydropower concession award "Katundi i Ri", and type of contract is "Work". Location of the object of the contract: Upstream of the Black Drin River, from the quota 400 m.m.n.d (possible place of dam), to quota 445 m.m.n.d in the state border of Albania with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
Economic sector:
Concessionaire cost (Albanian Lek) (2013):
Concessionaire Agreement duration (years):35
Ratifications of Concessionaire Agreement:
Awarded Value:
Investment Value:
Announcement Date: -
Held Date:
Winner Announcement Date:
Contracted Value: -
Contract Date: -
Cancellation Reason: -
Concessionaire Agreement/Acts:
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Cancelled Procedure
Supervisory Board Number:
Ownership type:
Financial Statement :
Accounting Expert:
Accounting Expert Assignment start date Assignment end date
Dhenie me koncesion te hidrocentralit “Katundi i Ri”
Dhenie me koncesion te hidrocentralit “Katundi i Ri”
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